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Puzzle Game

Play the engaging puzzle game Maze Inception to put your mental recall and problem-solving abilities to the test! In this unusual game, players must find their way through challenging mazes while gathering coins. In order to increase the player chances of success, these coins can be used to buy more lives and time.

The game starts off with a unique twist: players have 15 seconds to memorize the maze’s layout before they start their thrilling adventure. Players will need to use their mental faculties and quick reasoning to find their way through the labyrinth without time restrictions.

Maze Inception combines strategic planning and mental recall to create an immersive gaming experience that is both engaging and satisfying. Players will find themselves constantly pushing their limits and improving their skills as each level presents new challenges and increasingly complicated mazes.

Are you ready to put your mental and navigation skills to the test in the captivating world of Maze Inception? Start on this unforgettable adventure to find out if you have what it takes to solve the most difficult mazes!

More levels coming soon, please stay up to date!

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Official versions are available at :

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