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Finally published my first game ( Maze Inception ) and here’s the story behind it, and some mistakes i did which can help us save a lot of time when developing

As you can see in the title i did say “Published” not “Made” because it’s not the first game i have made, but this is the first game i finally was able to finish (at least semi-final and i will explain this later).

Description :

It’s a puzzle game but you need also to relay on your memory, when you start the game it gives you 15 seconds to help you memorize the map before you start playing, and the main goal is to get to the exit door, pretty simple but kind of original, as of now there’s 35 levels and some more are coming soon, all suggestion are welcome.

Why maze inception? :

This is the funny part is my game was originally named “Maze Memory” which made more sense, everything was alright until i finally want to publish it to the Appstore (IOS), my first submission was rejected because the name “Memory” was a protected trademark in many countries, i can’t use the word “Memory” in the AppStore if I’m targeting those countries (which i do), so i was confused because i did upload my game to the Playstore (Android) and it was surprisingly accepted straight away, but in the AppStore you can’t.

I finally decided to change it to “Maze inception” because i didn’t want to have any legal issue, and updated the whole game (name – icon – screenshots …) it was time consuming, but it will help me for my next projects to better search the name and how i would proceed.

When i finally did change the Game name from “Maze Memory” to “Maze Inception“, surprisingly my rank on search engines sky rocked 🚀🚀, now if you search Maze inception in google or Appstore or even Playstore, my game comes first, “sometimes some obstacles can make your life better”.

Advice for Unity developers (May apply to all other engines) :

– Pick a random name (before it’s public), or do a deep research before naming it.

– Use Prefabs as much as you can, it’s very important and it will you save a lot of time and make the game more consistent.

– “Separate scripts” don’t mix everything in 1 script (class), an example is making a single script that handle the movements and states and scores, each one should be handled separately and only called when needed.

– Focus on GamePlay first.

– Try to understand what code does, not just copy and past it (from tutorials etc..)

– Test your game in multiple platforms (the platforms you’re targeting) while you’re progressing, don’t wait until the end.

– Write down every single step for publishing, make a check list for publishing and check each one even if you are just making a very small update, sometimes just closing the editor and re-opening it can really mess-up some important options/values (OS target – Device Target – Release/Debug – etc…).

– Don’t be afraid that your game may never go viral (this feeling alone was the first reason why we never finished some games).

Conclusion :

Make the first step, there will be a lot of obstacles but nothing is easy, learn while you are acting not just watching 1000 tutorials and not doing anything.

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